Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Are you getting a bit fed up with all this credit crunch business?

If you are, take a look at Al-Jazeera apparently we are debating climate change in the EU and there has been a hijack drama in Turkey!

Perhaps there is more to life than the credit crunch.

I'm starting to wonder whether the government runs our news agenda or the media does.

Let's face it, GB's not doing too well in the polls and, whoops-a-daisy, we've got a crisis that requires his steady hand to guide us out of.

Maggie Thatcher and the Falklands, George Bush, another GB, and his Iraq excursion when he was suffering in the polls and now this.

Perhaps I'm a cynic, but it appears to follow a pattern.

Luckily Al-Jazeera's European service has a bit of good old fashioned bad news like we used to love, so go and have a look at that if you've got a second.

Obviously I'm turning into a cynical old conspiracy theorist, hiding behind the grassy knoll, but others have noticed too!

Check out if you love a good conspiracy. Always good to hear the Americans moaning about them being "out to get us" - but you never know...

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