Monday, October 27, 2008


We all suspected that the lopsided smile and insincere wink were possibly affectations of someone about as warm as an autumnal walk in Preston and so it seems, according to The Times' Christine Toomey.

Click on the title to read the full article but it seems that Alaskans are queueing up to tell the world what a hard-nosed social climber she is.

Of course, this article could have been written with the intention to show her as such, but she does appear to have left plenty of ammunition lying around for our intrepid reporter.

(Palin next to another of her victims - I mean the Caribou)
Talking of ammunition, twas most illuminating to see the pictures found in the original article about her in the Times magazine.

One shows a younger Palin kneeling proudly next to a Caribou, freshly mown down with her semi-automatic, while her toddler daughter there bemused and possibly permanently traumatised. (Not sure if this is the daughter who forgot to follow Mom's advice to abstain from a bit of pre-nuptual coitus or not)

Anyhoo, if she can do this to her own children, then what do you think she'll do to ours? There's one to ponder America.

Let's hope nobody gets raped on her watch and then gets pregnant, as this one-woman baby boom will make the victim keep the resultant progeny.

Suddenly the wink and the smile don't seem quite so warm.

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